We believe that there is so much to see and explore in Britain; home to some of the world’s most stunning natural landscapes and traditional heritage. Therefore, View Britain is a display of Britain’s beautiful countryside, coastlines, villages, scenic and historic towns and much more.


Discovering Whitby: Maritime History, Dracula Legends and Culinary Delights in this Coastal Getaway

Sep 15, 20234078 min read

Whitby is full of maritime heritage, boasting of an ancient abbey and links to Dracula,…


Exploring Staithes: A Cliffside Village, Cobblestone Lanes, Quaint Cottages and North Yorkshire Coastal Serenity

Sep 8, 20234277 min read

Seeking Simplicity in Staithes- How to Fill your Mini Break Read on to discover the…


Exploring the Old Market Town of Bakewell, England

Jun 1, 20239767 min read

A Brief History of Bakewell Does Bakewell pudding come to mind? Bakewell tart? Well this…

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