Shorter walk around Derwentwater Lake

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Details of shorter walk from High Brandelhow to Ashness gate around Derwentwater Lake, maps, pictures and videos

Picture taken on the walk around Derwentwater lake

If you do not fancy walking the whole 8 mile stretch around the Derwentwater lake then there is an alternative option.

You can take the cruise from Keswick jetty and alight at Ashness Gate Jetty which is half way south of the river on the east side. You then do a 2.5 mile long semi circle around the southern edges of the Derwentwater lake.

High Brandelhow jetty at Derwentwater lake

You can then hop back on the cruise boat at High Brandelhow jetty back towards Keswick jetty.

View across Derwentwater lake from the walk along the southern shores of the lake

This shortens the walk by two-thirds from 8 miles and you will come across some breathtakingly beautiful and peaceful views including the bridge over the Derwent River.


The woodlands you pass at Brandelhow Park consist of conifers which were planted in Victorian times and the surrounding areas clearly demonstrate the way shoreline vegetation gradually transforms. From open water, the landscape goes through marshy reeds and then to woodlands resulting in a stunning scenery.

Map of the shorter walk around Derwentwater lake

We have created a custom Google Map below for your reference outlining the route for the shorter walk around Derwentwater lake.

Things you will see in your walk around Derwentwater lake

The clear path leads to the curve around the head of the lake, an area which is particularly important for nesting wildfowl.

You will see a bridge over the Derwent River leading onto plain grounds and offering spectacular views of the Manesty Park and hills on the west of Derwentwater.

Conveniently, there is a free public toilet by the B5289 road which is also marked on the Google map above.

If you decided to walk over to Ashness Gate jetty to board on the cruise launches again, then between the public toilets and the jetty, there is a nice restaurant offering exciting lunch menus with outdoor sitting arrangements.

Ashness Gate jetty at Derwentwater lake

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