How to get to Grasmere by Train, Bus or Car, Postcode for Grasmere and maps

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Getting to Grasmere by Train

The nearest mainline train station to Grasmere would be Windermere which is approximately 9 miles from Grasmere.

From Windermere train station, you can choose to take a taxi or a bus operated by Stage Coach which will take approximately 30 to 40 minutes to arrive.

You can take any of these Stage Coach services from Windermere:
505 (Kendal – Coniston)/ 555 (Kendal-Keswick)/ 599 (Kendal-Grasmere)

Typical train journey times to Windermere by train:
From London – 3hr 30 min, from Manchester – 1 hr 40 min, from Glasgow – 2 hr 30 min
For detailed train timetables and prices visit:

Getting to Grasmere by Bus

Grasmere is conveniently served by Stage Coach buses from popular towns such as Keswick, Windermere, Kendal. Bus services that go to Grasmere include:
Route 505 (Kendal – Coniston)
Route 555 (Kendal – Keswick)
Route 599 (Kendal – Grasmere)
To book a ticket or find bus timetables you can visit Stage Coach Bus service website here

How to get to Grasmere by Car

Grasmere postcode for GPS/Satnavs

Postcode for reaching Grasmere is LA22 9SW which will take you within half mile radius of the heart of Grasmere village.

Driving directions to Grasmere

Grasmere is located in the centre of Lake District National Park. Driving north from south of England, M6 motorway serves Lake District conveniently.

You can take exit at junction 35 on M6 and then take A590 and continue on to A591 that will take you all the way to Grasmere via Windermere and Ambleside. 

Altogether after taking the exit in junction 35 from M6 motorway, it is a 24 miles car journey to Grasmere on A590 and A591 making it a fairly easy journey.

Similarly, driving south from the north of the UK to Grasmere involves taking exit from M6 at junction 40 and taking A66, then taking B5322 at Threlkeld and then merging on to A591 all the way to Grasmere. This is also a 24 miles journey altogether from junction 40 on M6 to Grasmere.

You can click on the markers on the Google map provided below to plan a journey alternatively.

Map of Grasmere with markers

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