How to get to Durdle Door – Post code, driving direction, and map

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Arriving at Durdle Door by Train, Car including Postcode, driving directions and map

Getting to Durdle Door by car

Durdle Door is located west of West Lulworth on the B3070 which leaves the A352 (Wareham to Dorchester road) at Holmbridge.

Postcode for Durdle Door – BH20 5PU (Approx. location to Durdle Door Holiday Car Park)

Durdle Door is 24 miles drive from Bournemouth (46 minutes drive approx.), and 15 miles from Weymouth (30 minutes drive approx.)

From south of London, Durdle Door is approximately, 117 miles drive which will take you roughly 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Getting to Durdle Door by train

There are frequent trains to Weymouth from London Waterloo. The nearest station to Durdle Door will be Wool.

Wool station is approx. 6.2 miles from Durdle Door. You can take bux X54 towards Weymouth from “First School” bus stop near Wool station.

Map of bus journey from Wool to Durdle Door – map by First Group

The bus will go via West Lulworth. The total bus journey is approximately 18 mins from Wool to Durdle Door. After West Lulworth, you want to get off the bus at Durdle Door Park Entrance bus stop. The walk from the Park Entrance bus stop to Durdle Door beach is approximately 20 mins.

You can also speak to the bus driver and let them know you want to go to Durdle door and they will give you a heads up when you arrive near Durdle Door.

For train timetables and prices from London Waterloo to Wool station visit –
For information and timetables for buses from Wool station you can visit

The walk to Durdle Door limestone arch / beach from the car park

Map of Durdle Door car park and walk from Car park to Durdle Door Limestone Arch:

The car park is approximately 900m walk from the famous limestone arch.

You can use the following post code to take you near the Durdle Door Holiday Park – BH20 5PU

However, this post code may not take you to the exact car park so please look out for the car park signs. Here’s the exact GPS co-ordinates for the car park if you satnav / gps supports it: 50.62401, -2.26837

Parking prices at Durdle Door Holiday Park car park

Car park at Durdle Door – Google street view link here

Prices below were last checked on Oct 2020.

The car park operates a pay and display system. The car park opens at 9 am until 9 pm or dusk whichever is earlier off peak seasons.
All day parking ticket – £10.00
Up to 4 hours – £5
Oversized vehicles – £15.00
Motor cycles – £1.00

If you purchased an all day ticket, and decided to leave Durdle Door early, then your parking ticket will also be valid at Newlands Meadow, Lulworth Cove and Lulworth Castle too.

Please not that there are no concessions for blue badge holders in Durdle Door car park.

Public facilities at Durdle Door

Please note that there are no toilets at Durdle Door beach.


There are toilets with disabled access at the Holiday Park car park, however, this is at least half an hour walk from the beach. So please plan your visit accordingly and help preserve this beautiful historic site for generations to come.

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