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Poole is a large coastal town situated on the south coast of England in the County of Dorset. Its landscape is made up of natural harbours, stunning beaches, bustling quays and traditional seaside towns.


Sandbanks beach in particular is the most attractive area combining both the harbour on one side and the sandy beach on the other.

It is a small peninsular crossing the mouth of Poole Harbour and has everything you could possibly need for a great day out at the seaside.

Poole quick facts:
– Dorset, England
Population – 154,718 (2011 census)
Area – 25.05 sq mi (64.88 sq km)
Poole Harbour – Largest Natural Harbour in Britain
Sandbanks – Most expensive place to live in Europe!

Owing to its distinct geographic features, affluent neighbourhood as well as the sandy beach, Poole is often referred to as the Malibu of Britain.

Sandbanks beach in Poole

Despite Sandbanks being a smaller, quieter beach than the nearby Bournemouth, it certainly doesn’t lack in necessities.


It comes fully equipped with the softest, cleanest sand, the most non-polluted sea and it is not overcrowded which all create the perfect combination for seaside fun. Sandbanks beach has also managed a consisten Excellent water quality rating from Marine Conservation Society.

Hiring beach huts in Sandbanks beach, Poole

Look into hiring one of the many huts lining the promenade if you are planning to swim at the Sandbanks beach. Changing into swimming clothes can be done with much more ease than struggling in the public bathroom or even one handed whilst trying not to drop the towel!

For full day hire, the price is not too expensive and for a half day, discounts are available so make sure to ask at the beach office first.

These can be locked so there is no need to be anxiously looking to see if your bag is safe on the beach while you are enjoying the sea waves – another advantage in my books!

Beach hut hire prices at Sandbanks beach, Poole

You can hire the beach huts at Sandbanks on an annual basis, short term (4 weeks) or even on a daily basis. You can hire the huts directly from Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole council website. For most recent availability and prices, you can visit – https://www.poole.gov.uk/sports-and-leisure/beaches/beach-huts/

Annual beach hut hire prices at Sandbanks start at £2,596.

Short term beach hut hire prices at Sandbanks for 2020 were as follows:
18th July – 15th August (4 weeks) – £249
22 August – 18 September (4 weeks) – £249
18th July – 18th September (9 weeks) – £560

This puts the weekly beach hut hire price for Poole Sandbanks beach at around £62.25/week which isn’t a bad price at all.

You can also hire the beach huts at Sandbanks over the winter. The winter hire period starts from 26 September to 20 March 2021. The price is fixed for the winter period as follows:

Standard hut – £569
Premium hut – £679
Premium plus hut – £749

The prices above are for 175 days or 25 weeks. This results in a weekly rental cost of only £22.76 / week for a standard huts which is a great price to have a beach hut at a remarkable beach.

Premium vs premium plus beach huts at Sandbanks beach:
Premium beach huts have water, electric and disabled access whereas premium plus come with double sized balcony too.

Can you sleep overnight in the beach huts at Sandbanks beach in Poole:
No you can not sleep overnight and you are required to vacate the huts by dusk.

How many people can use the beach hut at any one time?
Up to six people

Are dogs permitted in Sandbanks beach huts?
Yes dogs are permitted on all the beach huts and beaches between 1st Oct and 3oth April.
Between 1st May and 30th September, dogs are only allowed on the beaches for exercise.

Shops near Sandbanks beach, Poole

There is also a shop where you can buy beach essentials such as frisbees, beach balls, wind breaks, tourist souvenirs and much more so don’t worry if you’ve forgotten to bring something.

If you are feeling peckish whilst on the beach, which to be honest, building sandcastles, burying people in the sand and swimming in the sea can be hard work, there are a few kiosks where snacks, ice-cream etc. can be bought.

If something more substantial is needed however, there is an excellent beach café with a whole variety of hot and cold foods. Picture this though…a traditional seaside dish of Fish and Chips, presented with a twist, eaten whilst overlooking the sea, what more can you ask for? So, what are you waiting for? Get down to Poole for an extremely fun day out!

Poole Harbour

Poole Harbour on a cloudy day

Poole harbour is the largest natural harbour in all of Europe! It is also regarded as a site of Special Scientific Interest while offering a wide variety of watersports. For detailed information and activities at Poole Harbour you can visit Poole Tourism website here – https://www.pooletourism.com/visitor-information/poole-harbour

How to get to Sandbanks Beach, Poole

Getting to Sandbanks beach by car

You can use the post code for Sandbanks off-street car park – BH13 7QJ
Sandbanks car park has 532 spaces with 5 disabled spaces.

Parking price for Sandbanks car park:

Peak season: 1st March to 31st October
Monday to Sunday, between 8 AM to 10 PM
1 hour – £2.20
2 hours – £4.40
3 hours – £6.60
4 hours – £8.80
6 hours – £13.20
14 hours – £17.80

Monday to Sunday, between 10 PM and 8 AM

Off-peak season: 1st November to 28th February
1 hour – £1.20
Over 1 hour until 10 PM – £2.80

Map of Sandbanks Beach car park

Public facilities and toilets at Poole Sandbanks beach

There are public toilets in the Sandbanks beach car park.

Sandbanks Beach Poole video

Poole Beach and Harbour Image gallery

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