Tarn Hows Lake – Tourist Information and Pictures

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Tarn Hows is located in the Lake District National Park boasting a charming tarn (lake) and is one of the top scenic destinations in the North West of England.

Tarn Hows attracts over 500,000 visitors each year. The word Tarn refers to a mountain lake or a pool of water that is created by the Glacier due to river flow or rain water.

The main attraction of the Tarn Hows is the 1.8 miles or 3.2 km walk around the lake that is guaranteed to make you want to stop every few metres to absorb the serene beauty around you.

The lake is surrounded by hills and the path leads through canopy of trees which is comparable to a scene from a movie.

Tarn Hows Lake Facts
– Lake District National Park
Lake surface area – 0.15 sq. km
Height above sea level – 180 metres
Lake type – Artificial
Length at longest – 970m approx.
Maximum Width – 255m approx.
Walking route around Tarn Hows – 1.8 miles
Number of Islands – 5
Directions and Transport
By car
Search for “54.386587, -3.038505” on www.google.com
1 mile of B5285 road
By bus
From Windermere to Coniston
Nearest Train Stations
Ulverston 15 miles
Windermere Station 12 miles


It is hard to believe that Tarn Hows is man made and at the same time makes one wonder how an attraction as pretty as Tarn Hows can still be maintained to such high standards of preservation.

Tarn Hows circular path around the lake

The tarn that can be seen today is the result of dams that were created in the Victorian Times.

Tarn Hows is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area managed by the National Trust.

The park also features a well-planned car park placed in a spot away from the picturesque scenery. A building was built in 2008 in contrast with the natural surroundings offering toilet facilities and information on display.

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How to get to Tarn Hows – Lake District

Getting to Tarn Hows by car

Tarn Hows is on A593 from Ambleside in the North or Coniston in the South. Tarn Hows is also 1 mile off B5285 and if you are looking to get directions on Google Map for Tarn Hows then you can simply paste the following co-ordinates in Google Search – “54.386587, -3.038505”

Getting to Tarn Hows by bus

You can take bus number 505 from Hawkshead village towards Coniston. You can get off the bus at Hawkshead Hill Chapel stop and then it will be approximately 1 mile walk from there. Follow the signs to Tarn Hows and you will arrive in Tarn Hows lake in under 30 mins.

Getting to Tarn Hows by train

Ulverston train station is 15 miles from Tarn Hows and Windermere train station is 12 miles.
You can visit www.nationalrail.co.uk to find out about the train timetables and fares.

Getting to Tarn Hows by Ferry

Now this is where it gets really exciting getting to Tarn Hows taking the Ferry route!

The historic Steam Yacht Gondola was rebuilt by National Trust which departs from Coniston pier, stopping at Brantwood and Monk Coniston. The sailing season starts from 27th March to 1 November for 2013.

It is advisable to contact the Gondola authority if you have any enquiries or would like to confirm operation for a specific day.

Post Code for getting to Coniston Pier: Coniston Pier, Coniston, LA21 8AN
Phone: 0153 943 2733
Email: sygondola@nationaltrust.org.uk
Website: http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/gondola/

For general information on Lake District National Park you can contact the Park Authority:

Email : hq@lakedistrict.gov.uk
Phone: 0153 972 4555
Website: http://www.lakedistrict.gov.uk

View Tarn Hows Car Park in a larger map

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