Pistyll Rhaeadr and Berwyn mountain range

Pistyll Rhaeadr waterfall and Berwyn mountains - Tourist information, things to do, walks and pictures

Pistyll Rhaeadr is the highest waterfall in England and Wales located in Powys, Wales. The waterfall originates from streams flowing off Berwyn mountains. This little known yet spectacular mountain range covers 93 square miles acting as a haven for wildlife with its highest point, Cadair Berwyn, standing at an impressive 2,723ft (830m).

This magnificent waterfall is formed by streams of crystal clear water and then falling 240ft or 73 metres in three stages at the Silurian cliff face, forming a river known as the Afon Rhaeadr. The waterfall is also regarded as a Site of special Scientific Interest and is listed as one of the Seven Wonders of Wales.



Hidden History
image-Magnificent-Berwyn-Mountain-Range-Powys-WalesThe landscape comprises of many clues to a long and fascinating history with evidences of pre-historic and medieval land use and settlements, including field systems and farmsteads. Remnants of the lead mining activities dating back centuries can also be spotted that makes the sceneries even more spectacular. Many of the tracks and paths on the mountain ranges date back to ancient times, and present field boundaries often follow very old alignments.

Wildlife and wilderness
Walks-near-Pistyll-Rhaeadr-waterfall-PowysThe remote mountain range is very much undisturbed and provides a haven for wildlife. Extensive tracts of heather moorland and blanket bog still exist here as well as ffridd (sheepwalk), pastures and bracken slopes. Look out for rare species including hen harrier, merlin, peregrine, red grouse and black grouse which beautifully add life and movement to a landscape where people are rare visitors and making the whole mountain range a fantastic destination to visit.

Public Facilities
There are public toilets near the car park for visitors to use for free of charge and there is also a shop and a tearoom.

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Pistyll Rhaeadr Facts

Height of the waterfall - 240 feet or 73 metres
Drops - 3 drops, longest drop is 40 metre
Location - Powys, Wales
Mountains - Berwyn mountain range
Area of the mountain range - 93 square miles
Length of walks - half day to full day
Walk to top of waterfall - challenging, approx. 20 mins to top
Nearest village - Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochant (4 miles)
Postcode for nearest village -
SY10 0JX

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