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The Great Orme of Llandudno is a very noticeable limestone cliff located on the northern coast of Wales. A smaller but very much similar limestone cliff is also located on the Llandudno bay on the eastern side. The Great Orme is protected and supervised by the Conwy County Borough as a natural reserve and home to a herd of Feral Kashmir Goats (Approx. 200). A walk on the Great Orme which is about 2 miles long and 1 mile in width, can be time very well spent with spectacular view of Llandudno Pier and Irish Sea on the North.


There are quite a few paths designated for walking and can make a perfect day out exploring the limestone deposits on the surface of the Great Orme. Rare wild flowers such as Cotoneaster Cambricus and species of flowers originating from the latest ice age of Alpine origins can also be found on a normal days walk on the Great Orme, what can beat that!


Walk from the West Shore on the Great Orme

Haulfre Gardens Trail
Path-leading-to-Haulfre-Garden-walk-Great-Orme-LlandudnoThe walk that sets off from the West Shore by the sides of the Great Orme and also leading to the Great Orme summit is not to be missed. The paths are waymarked clearly with the Summit Trail logo disc. A walk along the side of the Great Orme will lead you to many view points with many well placed benches along the way offering panoramic views of both West and North Shore and also the whole of Llandudno.

Length of the Haulfre Garden Trail - Approximately 1 mile, allow about 1 hour
Length of the Summit Trail - 1 and a half mile, allow about 1.5 hours


Type of walk
The trail is a mixtures of grassy paths, tracks and roads. Some places can be very steep and depending on the weather muddy too, so good walking boots are recommended and a map can come handy too.

Pets - Dogs are allowed but advised to be kept under control and preferable on a lead as sheep and goats graze freely in some parts.

Facilities - There is a tea room which is pin pointed in the Google map along with public toilets near the Haulfre gardens.


Llandudno Facts

Population - 20,000 Approx.
Location - North Wales
Train Station - Llandudno
Nearest Airpot - Liverpool John Lennon Airport, 65 miles
By Bus - 8 hours from London
Attractions - Great Orme, Llandudno Pier, Marine Drive, Llandudno Bay and North Shore

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