Beaumaris Castle, Medieval Castle in Anglesey, Wales

Beaumaris Castle, a World Heritage Site, Medieval Castle in Anglesey, Wales - Tourist information, pictures and attractions

Beaumaris Castle is ranked as a World Heritage Site alongside the likes of the Egyptian pyramids and Taj Mahal.

The construction of the historic Beaumaris Castle was ordered by King Edward I, King of England, in 1295, during and after the two military campaigs in which he conquered Wales. This was the last and technically most perfect of his four formidable castles to dominate North Wales. In the process he established what, for many centuries, would become the principal town of Anglesey and chief port of North Wales.

Beaumaris means ‘fair marsh’ being on flat marshy ground, it had to rely entirely upon man-made fortifications. The symmetrical layout of the Beaumaris Castle and its multiple defences symbolise the high point of medieval castle design.



Construction of Beaumaris Castle

The construction commenced in 1295 which was 12 years after King Edward I’s last military campaign in Wales, following a revolt the previous year. Up to 2,600 men worked at a break-neck speed for the first two seasons and then it ceased due to heavy demands in Scotland. This is why when you visit the magnificent Beaumaris Castle, you will notice the castle was never completed to its full height.

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Directions to Beaumaris Castle car park, Anglesey, Wales

Address: Castle St, Beaumaris, Isle of Anglesey LL58 8AP
Phone: 01248 810361

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Beaumaris Castle Facts

Built in - 1295 A.D
Ordered by - King Edward I of England
Type - Concentric Defence
Condition - part ruined
Construction material - Limestone, Sandstone and Schist
Height - 11m (36 feet)
Postcode - LL58 8AP

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