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Isle of Wight is located off the south coast of England on the English Channel. It is the largest island in England and only 2 hours journey from London which makes it a perfect holiday destination within easy reach. There are 6 ferry routes connecting Isle of Wight with the mainlandswith over 340 daily ferry journeys which makes Isle of Wight one of the easiest to get to islands.

Isle of Wight is packed with adventures and activities including countryside walks, Sailing, Rowing, and Music Festivals only to name a few.

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Activities in Isle of Wight



Walking is one of the most popular activities that draws visitors to the island due to its near 500 miles of beautiful footpaths with clear directions. If you are looking for a scenic walking holiday, then look no further as you have already stumbled upon one of the most famous walking holiday destinations in the UK.
Isle of Wight is also home to the biggest Walking Festival in the UK, The Isle of Wight Walking Festival which is held twice a year, Autumn and Spring. The festival comprises of many types of walks including speed dating and sing about stroll!


Sailing events are held throughout the year offering beautiful views of the island. It is home to some of the main Sailing events in Britain due to favourable sea waters such as Cowes Week, the World’s leading sailing regatta, with over 1,000 yachts and 8,000 participants. The event draws a wide range of contestants from all around the world including amateurs as well as Olympics champions.

Isle of Wight Music Festival
The festival is held once a year since 1968 and in November 2007, the Isle of Wight Festival attained the award 'Best Major Festival' at the UK Festival Awards. This is a festival definitely worth visiting for fantastic line ups and exciting festival environment.

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Isle of Wight Facts

Area – 148 sq miles (380 sq km)
Population – 140.500 (2010)
Location – South of England on English Channel
Famous for
Cowes Week (Yachting event)
Isle of Wight Festival (music festival)
The Isle of Wight Garlic Festival
Garden Isle – Home to many rare plants
Walks – Over 1400 public rights of way and 514 miles of walking trails
Haunted! – Believed to be one of the most haunted Islands in Britain
Yarmouth – Population 1000 and smallest town in Britain
The Garlic Farm – 100 acres and largest specialist garlic grower in UK!
Eight Wonders of Isle of Wight! (A series of landmarks, by W. J. Nigh)
- ‘Freshwater’ you cannot drink
- ‘Cowes’ you cannot milk
- ‘Needles’ you cannot thread
- ‘Lakes’ where there is no water
- ‘Ryde’ where you walk
- ‘Newport’ that you cannot bottle
- ‘Newtown’ which is very old
- ‘Winkle Street’ where there are no winkles

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