Things to do in and near Durdle Door

Things to do and fishing in and near Durdle Door beach

Lulworth Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) rides
A RIB boat trip is a fantastic way to explore the rock formations of the 200 Million year old coast line. Trips are operated by several operators and may last from 15 to 30 minutes depending on the weather and availability. A quick search on Google will return several operators and their contact details Search for boat rides near Durdle Door

Durdle-Door-Beach suitable for-Fishing-in-Dorset-England


Fishing in Durdle Door beach
Durdle Door beach is popular in summer for fishing and often regarded as under-fished due to more difficult access compared to other fishing spots. Most tourists/visitors tend to congregate nearer to the famous limestone arch leaving plenty of free space for fishing in the beach giving it the upper hand.

Some common fish that can be caught in Durdle Door 
Bass, Conger, Wrasse, Bull Hass and Pollock.

Recommended baits
Ragworm, mackerel, squid, peeler crab

Durdle Door Facts

Located in – Dorset, England
Nearest town – West Lulworth
Postcode – BH20 5PU (Approx. location for sat navs)
Nearest train station:
Wool - Approximately 5 miles
Moreton (Dorset) – Approximately 6 miles
Weymouth – Approximately 8 miles
Car Park:
Mar until Oct – Cliff top cark park at Durdle Door Holiday Park
Bathing water quality - Excellent
Recommended by Marine Conservation Society for excellent water quality

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