How to get to Chapman's Pool

How to get to Chapman's Pool, details of the walk and nearest car park

Directions to Chapman’s Pool, Isle of Purbeck, Dorset, England
Mudslides-at-Chapmans-Pool-walk-down-the-beach-dorset-englandThe walk from the small dry stone surrounded car park in Worth Matravers is just under a mile and you can refer to the google map we have created to give you an idea of what the walk may involve. The exact GPS co-ordinates for the nearest car park to Chapman's Pool is - 50°35'48.1"N 2°03'06.3"W (50.596688, -2.051758)
You can also use the approximate postcode for the area as BH19 3LL to arrive at Renscombe Road and then from here it will be easy for to spot the car park.

Access to Chapman’s Pool

The walk from the Car Park in Worth Matravers village to the pool can be quite challenging at times even on a sunny day. The walk offers breath taking views of the pool from high grounds and offer the perfect opportunity for photographers to capture very good shots. The descend is altogether over 400 feet and frequent mudslides can wipe walking trails quite easily. However, some steep parts of the descend have been turned in to small steps by using small pieces of woods for ease of access.

Dog Friendly
The walk to the Chapmans Pool is dog friendly and your little friend can have a great time jumping amongst the rocks and playing with the water.

Map of the walk from the car park at Worth Matravers village to Chapman's Pool

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Chapman's Pool Facts

Located near – Worth Matravers village in Dorset, England
Nearest car park – Approx. 1 mile walk
Nearest Postcode car park - BH19 3LL (Approximate)
GPS Coordinates for car park - 50°35'48.1"N 2°03'06.3"W (50.596688, -2.051758)
Type of walk – Challenging, steep slopes and rocky beach
Main attractions
Fossils from Jurassic age
Outstanding natural beauty
Remote location hard to reach
Very few visitors
Fossils – Ammonite, Pavlovia Rotunda, reptilian remains include Plesiosaurs, Ichthyosaurs, Pterosaurs, Crocodiles and Chelonians.
Dog friendly – Yes
Fishing – Yes, Bream, Bass, Mackerel, Plaice, Rays, Flounders, Whitling, Codling
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